Assynt prepares to set fire!

The Fire and Water project’s events next week are part of the Assynt Festival, which will feature flames from start to finish. See more about the festival’s fire theme here and the whole festival programme here.

Throughout the dig our archaeological team are planning to do experiments to work out how the mysterious bronze age burnt mound might have been made and what it might have been used for. Speculations on this theme will no doubt turn up in this dig diary from time to time in the next couple of weeks.

There will be cookery experiments, pottery experiments, stone-splitting experiments and apparantly they will even be digging a water tank, lining it with clay, so I’m guessing that’s for having a bath (Assynt digs occasionally being a tad muddy!)

We’ll have a tent up at the dig site, and we can have a wee fire in there if it’s rainy and cold outside – no comfort spared for archaeologists here in Assynt!

Our local firewood supplier, Charlie Russell has been forewarned and a big load of firewood is being delivered. We’re ready to burn – come along, take part and get your imagination sparking!


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