Exciting times at Stronechrubie

Things have been getting very interesting on site today. At long last, the features in the centre of the mound have become much clearer and we have identified a large pit filled with an almost black, stony context. After thoroughly cleaning the site and taking photographs, we spent this afternoon recording the two sections (vertical faces) of both of the excavated quadrants, in which the layers overlying the pit are clearly visible. The pit contains a broadly circular arrangement of large stones which are particularly interesting as they are not heat-shattered like the mound material.

The site viewed from the north. You can see the large pit in the centre, currently obscured by the baulks – but not for much longer!

Tomorrow we will remove the baulks that currently cross the pit. Then we will be able to excavate the pit itself – and who knows what we’ll find!

Recording the sections

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