Halfway There

We’ve been digging with volunteers since Wednesday, and today was especially busy due to ‘Music Through the Ages’, a celebration of music through time. With over 60 visitors to site, we demonstrated hot stone technologies to quite a crowd, baked a trout in local clay (from Clachtoll) in the fire and gave everyone a tour of the site. We’ve made a great deal of progress since our last post, having divided the site into four quarters and excavated the SW and NE quadrants in earnest. The burnt mound in fact comprises three discrete mounds of heat shattered stones, in the centre of and overlying which lies a layer of light red-orange clay. On top of this clay lay a small, round-ish burnt feature – samples have been collected for dating.

The site currently fits the burnt mound model in that it shows evidence for the heating of stones, without any evidence for settlement and habitation. However the function of the site remains elusive, and may well remain so. The next few days will determine whether or not the central area contains any further evidence that may help us understand this site better.

Hard at work at Stronechrubie

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