The pit fully revealed

Today we continued excavating the central area of the mound to reveal the extent of the pit. Once the central baulks were removed we could make out the outline of the dark black deposit, and also see the large stones resting on top of the pit fill more clearly. These stones are not heat-shattered like the mound material, and were covered over with an orange clay layer.

The extent of the pit after the removal of the baulks

After revealing the extent of the pit, we began removing the fill material, starting with the south-eastern half of the material. A channel cut into the natural runs into the pit from the south-east. The pit it steep-sided, around 60cm deep, the glacial till forming the bottom – although the pit’s excavators dug down through the glacial till for around 10cm, which must have been very hard going!

The depth of the pit  is revealed

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