Finds in the moat at Inchnadamph

Another glorious sunny day, with a bit of a chilly wind picking up in the afternoon. Someone on site reported that the highlight of today was the toilet tent blowing away. Our six hardy volunteers took a break from digging to visit the old Kirk with Helen Morrison and were very impressed, describing it as ‘a credit to the people of Assynt’.

Inside of the moat, more of the stone bank has been revealed. It is about 2 metres wide and looks at this stage to be more of a rubble bank of rounded stones rather than a built stone wall. The trench inside the bank has been dug down to the subsoil and so far nothing has been revealed.

The rubble bank inside the moat

The inside edge of the moat – a rubble bank

But the finds bags already contain treasure! Several shards of pottery were found in the trench on the outside bank of the moat, which appears to be more than 2 metres wide. After digging down just less than a metre the water table has now been reached, so that will prove a logistical challenge for going deeper. The archaeologists are speculating that if the water table was at this point when whatever it is was in use, the moat may not have needed to be fed by an active stream, but could have filled with ground water.

Tomorrow we’ll be visited by a horde of primary school children, so here’s hoping it’s another beautiful day.

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